8-27-14 Naples Fl

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August 8, 2014 Naples FL

Good luck to all players playing in the FSSA USASA 7v7 Cup starting this evening.

Here is a tentative schedule, please check with your managers or at the fields for up to date schedule.


7 v 7 Tournament 8-8 to 8-10


ONLINE Signups now available !

On-line Signup Information HERE


June 25, 2014

All Teams play tonight at 7:30 and at 8:15 to make up for Rain cancel last week

2nd Post of Over 40 Schedule

June 9, 2014

Please check new post of OVER 40 schedule HERE

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June 2014

New OVER 40 schedule POSTED

and on Schedule(s) page.

From the Presidents desk

Juventus is the 2014 O40 League Cup Champions!


And a quick update……
The summer O40 7v7 season starts on May 14th with 12 teams. The Open and Coed summer 7v7 season starts on May 27th and May 30th respectively.
GCASL to host 3v3 tournament the last weekend in June….need volunteers!!!
GCASL to host World Cup style 7v7 tournament in July…more coming on that soon.
GCASL to host the Florida State 7v7 tournament August 8-10, 2014. Go to Floridastatesoccer.com for more information and to register your team.
Please contact Guy Harris at 239-565-1598 or at bredaguv@yahoo.com for more info



From the President’s desk

The first week of the O40 Cup tournament saw some exciting games.
FC United drew 2-2 with Naples Best, a game that could have gone either way.
Juventus finally beat the Strikers 3-2 on their 3rd try this year.
Gulf Coast United beat the Brewski Bros 3-0 in a game that was closer than you would think.
The Romanians beat the Wonders with only 9 players. I think the score was 6-0.




It’s been a while since I wrote anything, so let me catch you up on what’s been going on.

The Fall 7v7 season was a big success. The champions were:

All Stars United – Men’s Open A Division

FC Chapines-Men’s Open B Division

America USA-Men’s Open C Division

Naples United-Coed A Division

FC Decrepit-Coed B Division


Congratulations to the Champions.

The Spring 7v7 season is under way with some new teams, which is always nice to see. Good luck to all the teams.

The 11v11 O40 league is winding down, with just one more game remaining. The Gulf Coast United team, led by John Nicolosi, has won every game except one (so far), drawing 1-1 with the Brewski Brothers being their only blemish on an otherwise perfect season. They are our O40 champions for the 2013-14 season. Congratulation boys!!!

Sitting in second place are the Strikers, led by Greg Rossi and Juventus, led by Sal Bajraktarevic with 27 points. The Strikers are actually in second place by virtue of their two head to head wins over Juventus, but Juventus can claim second place if they win their last game and the Strikers lose. The Strikers have to play the league Champions, Gulf Coast United and Juventus place my team FC United. The Strikers have the tougher game for sure, but anything can happen as you know, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Sitting in fourth place is FC United with 17 points. It’s been an up and down year for us, but one thing is for sure when we’re missing Franklin (the beast), Frantz (the intimidator) and or Daryl (our Usain Bolt) we are definitely not as good. I must say we have a great bunch of players though and have come together as a team as the season has progressed.

With 16 points each are the Romanians and the Brewski Brothers. Romania, led by Mario Sacacian, are a very good team, nice guys that thrives on playing with just 11 players or even a man or two down and they usually find a way to win if they don’t argue amongst themselves….can’t understand a word they’re saying. The Brewski Brothers, led by Mike Davies are the oldest team, meaning they have played together for the longest time and when they all get together (on or off the pitch) they are very hard to beat. Cheers!!

With 10 points we have Victor Vergara’s Naples Best team. They are quality team that always starts out well, but seem to fade as the season goes on. I think Victor is trying to change that trend so look for them to be stronger the next time around.

At the bottom we have Tony Richichi’s Wonders. What can I say about the Wonders, they never give up. While the Brewskis have the oldest team, the Wonders have the oldest players with 14 players over 50/60 on their roster, including two Larry Bosserman and John Marangola who are over 70…..truly an inspiration to us all to keep on playing.

The O40 league will continue playing with the league Cup competition up next.

It’s State Cup time again and as usual the GCASL is being represented by an O40 team, an O50 team and an O60 team. Where are our younger players? We have some great players playing in the 7v7 leagues you would think that they would want to play other teams from around the State. Speaking of that, did you know that our teams are eligible to play in the USSF’s National or Open Cups? That’s right, teams can compete for the chance to play against MLS teams, if they make it that far, in the Open Cup. How cool would that be?

The Florida Classic, probably one of the best adult soccer tournaments in the country was played last month in Auburndale. There were 70 teams this year, coming from as far as Canada and Trinidad and the competition was very strong. We had three teams in tournament, the Strikers in the O60’s, the Brewski Brothers in the O50’s and Gulf Coast United in the O40’s. All three teams played hard but failed to make it out of the group stages; there were some really good teams there. The atmosphere surrounding the tournament was fantastic so I highly recommend you think about entering a team next year.

Coming up this summer is our very own World Cup tournament, which will be played in July, in a 7v7 format (remember four years ago) and the Florida State’s 7v7 in August. More on those tournament’s later.

More and more players are paying their fees on line (via Paypal) through our website gcasl.com. Look for the payment page near the top left on the home page, click on it and then scroll down and select the fee that you want to pay; there’s a small convenience fee, but it saves you from coming into the office to make your payments. Just make sure to contact Rae at RaeWoods@colliergov.net to let her know what team you are signing up for and what else you have to do.

Do you want to play 11v11? We can organize an 11v11 division that would play on Mondays or Thursdays, even on the weekends so you can still play on your 7v7 teams. It’s up to you the players to organize the teams, but we’ll be happy to sit down and talk to you about it. Please contact me or Rae to discuss the possibilities.

As always my thanks to all of you, the players that make this the best league in Florida; to Galo and his referees and to John, Rae and Sam for all that they do for the league.