From the President’s Desk

Bonita Springs 11.29.16
Guy Harris, “With 2 games left in the first round of play, Gulf Coast is in first place with 19 points, Sporting Peru and Sport Boys Naples each have 15 points, Los Xeneises has 12 points and Cosmos FC has 10 points; we have three teams tied for 6th place with 9 points, Azzuri Storm, Juventus and the Strikers; Real Camba has 6 points and the Eagles 0 points.
The player with the most goals so far is Julio Restrepo with 10, followed by Marco Galarza with 9 and Ivan Silveira with 8 goals.
After the first round is completed, the plan is for the top 6 teams to play each other one more time and the team with the most points will be the 7v7 Champions.
The bottom 4 teams will continue to play each other until the end of the season.
We plan on staring the 11v11 season on Wednesday February 1st.