From the President’s Corner Fall 2017

From the President’s corner…….
We are starting the Fall Season the week of September 11th, 2017. We hope to have 40 men’s open teams playing in five divisions on Tuesday nights, 8 O35 teams and 6 O48 teams playing on Wednesday nights and 24 coed teams playing in three divisions on Thursday nights. The fields have been well rested over the summer so should be top shape to start the season.

We are going with the photo rosters this year and hope this will be easier for the team players and referees. Players are reminded that their pictures must be good enough so that they are easily recognizable, otherwise valid photo IDs will be required.

We are collecting the referee fees upfront this year and doing away with the team bonds. Teams will no longer have to waste time trying to collect the referee fees and referees will no longer have to worry about being paid if a team forfeits a game.

All players must sign a physical waiver before they can play in the league, no exceptions.

We are adding playoffs this season for all the divisions, so after the regular 14 game season, the top four teams will play-off on one night to determine the season’s champions.

Some up-coming FSSA tournaments to be aware of:
There are still plans to hold a 7v7 tournament this year, probably on the east coast somewhere. There will be a women’s 7v7 tournament in early December. The 2018 Florida Classic will be played in January, 12th – 15th. The State Cup will be either at the end of April or the beginning of May up in Sarasota and the 2018 7v7 tournament will be in either June or in October in Naples. I will keep you all posted on these great tournaments or any other matters that come to my attention.

I hope everyone has a great season.
All the Best,
Guy Harris